Service: Online Application

The brief was to develop an online application service that will improve current recruitment process for Northumbria University’s School of design. Initial research has identified that the current quality of experience of the applicant was subject to a number of unpredictable bottlenecks and opaque policy barriers. In additiona, the standard university online application does not account for the production of visual evidence together with the written application. In past applications, there has been a lack of consistency in the range and type of work submitted. Having a fixed format of portfolio submission in the system has solved this problem and enabled tutors to make a more informed judgment.

There are three main users of the service: the applicant, the admissions tutor and the admissions administrator. The service enables the applicant to submit an online written and visual application. The applicant is able to track and be informed once a decision has been made. The admissions tutor will be informed once an application has been submitted. The tutor will review the application and submit a decision through the system. The admissions administrator will be then be able to track and keep a record of the applications. The system will display the status of each application and will prompt the administrator when an applicant has been accepted.

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