Interface: Proteomics Software

CfDR were asked to work with the in-house development team of a market leading software company to develop a new product. The new software being developed would provide a single solution for managing an integrated protein analysis ‘proteomics’ workflow (currently conducted in distinct stages and using different machines and software) to analyze samples within a laboratory. To meet the ambitious schedule, the company’s project leader employed the SCRUM agile development process to take account of a highly emergent set of requirements. Due to the tight deadlines as well as trying to respond to the agile method, CfDR decided to present wireframe designs that illustrates 3 different design and structure concepts. This enabled the client to decide on a direction in only a matter of days of CfDR being briefed. The final solution was implemented and demonstrated at the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) 2005 Annual World Congress.


Step 1- Create new project file

Step 2

Step 3