Promo: Aim Higher DVD

Aimhigher Tyne and Wear commissioned The Centre for Design Research to create an interactive DVD-ROM to challenge perceptions about Apprenticeships by showcasing successful case studies, identifi ed by research company Ecotec in their recent review of Apprenticeship provision in the region. The DVD-ROM was designed to appeal to young people aged 14–19 who are currently studying or interested in the Apprenticeship route; as well as providing supporting information and resources for teachers, trainers and personal advisers who would be delivering the resource to young people throughout Tyne and Wear. Intro sequences were created using brief but enticing clips of the main films, highlighting from the outset the compelling offer of rich media content — an extremely effective method of engaging with media-savvy youth audiences. As a DVD-ROM cannot be easily updated and details of Apprenticeship opportunities change on a regular basis, an accompanying website was developed.

DVD Package

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