Creative Cities Talk by Scott Burnham

October 16th, 2007

Went to a talk organised by DE07 event. Its entitled Creative Cities by Scott Burnham. I found him to be an enthusiastic speaker and in stark contrast to a talk I attended by Ben Drury (but I wont talk about that). Scott brought up issues relating to how a post-industrial city define itself. If they chose to define themselves as a ‘creative city’ – how then do we enable the public to be part of that creative dialogue? How do you get the public to reclaim public spaces and use them as creative outputs? His talk did not offer any practical answers to these question, merely some suggestions to how other artist have sought to address them through independent and fringe efforts. Some of the links that I found particularly exciting are:

Graffiti Research Lab
“Throwies LED”
(Check out their other projects as well)

Abstractor / Ji LEE
How to make abstract art…

Playing havoc with road markings.
more commentary

You are Beautiful
Playful communication
(click on 1st row, the 5th down, with the fence cups)

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