April 30th, 2007


This is another milestone-type posting. I guess its going to be this type of posting from now on. As you can guess I’m not that much of a day-to-day blogger- but hey I do keep you inform on the BIG things that happen. Well, after 5.5 years of being humiliated, thrown about, hurt and twisted on the mat, I finally achieved my black belt during the easter weekend. I now have a license….to maim! Actually it gives me an opportunity to enjoy my aikido again – to relax and relearn techniques, if that makes sense. Oh and as part of the honour of being a Shodan, you get to wear a silly hakama – baggy trousers that constantly trips you up during techniques. Btw, I realised that I’m slightly obsessed with aikido, as I can really relate a lot to the Aikiholics Facebook group which listed some of their obsessions as:

  • You do 3-4 loads of white laundry per week
  • You especially buy white clothing and towels so you can have a full load when you wash your gi
  • You don’t complain about not having a life, you just think that going to Aikido every night is a perfectly suitable one.
  • You are constantly tempted to throw your boyfriend/girlfriend into a sweet kotagaeshi break fall when you are holding hands.
  • You think it’s funny to gross your friends out with your swollen appendages.