Call for contribution to Design Research book

March 29th, 2012

My colleague, Professor Paul Rodgers, and I are writing a textbook provisionally titled “Design Research” to be published by a leading UK-based publisher late next year aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students.

We wish to include top quality, original, speculative, provocative, evocative and/or innovative contributions in this book from the global design research community. We are looking for contributions that will fit under one or more of the following headings:

What is design research?
•    The Nature and Process of Design Research (including the history of design research)
•    The Purpose of Design Research (i.e. about / for / through / generative / formative / evaluative)
•    Research Approaches (ontology and epistemology)

How do we embark on design research?
•    Formulating Research Questions
•    Conducting a Literature Search and Review
•    Developing a Research Plan

How do we conduct design research?
•    Asking Questions (e.g. novel sampling approaches)
•    Data Collection Methods (e.g. generative / formative / evaluative)
•    Analysing Information
•    Ethical Issues

How do we communicate design research?
•    Writing Techniques
•    Writing for Your Audience
•    Publicising Your Research

Examples of design research
•    Case Studies – How We Embark on Design Research
•    Case Studies – How We Conduct Design Research
•    Case Studies – How We Communicate Design Research

In the first instance, we wish to solicit contributions from interested authors in the form of a one page summary (circa 300 to 400 words) by Monday 7 May, 2012. We wish to celebrate the plurality of design research and also the wide range of conceptual, methodological, technological and theoretical approaches evident in contemporary design research.  We wish to receive contributions from the vast array of disciplines in and around modern design praxis including, but not limited to, the following:

Industrial design
Product design
Visual communication
Interaction design
Fashion design
Social design
Jewellery design
Design theory
Design ethnography
Social sciences
Life sciences
Critical design

We would especially like to receive contributions that view themselves as inter-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, trans-disciplinary, and / or anti-disciplinary in nature.

For more information please contact the editors:

Professor Paul Rodgers and Dr Joyce Yee
Northumbria University, School of Design

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